Friday, July 22, 2016

Getting Justice for Oilfield Injuries: Some of the Cold, Hard Truth

If money makes the world go round, then oil is the fuel that keeps it turning. Luckily, the country is producing more oil than ever, with domestic production jumping to a three-decade high in 2010.

And when it comes to local oil production, it’s hard not to mention Oklahoma, one of the leading oil-producing states in the country. Its production ranks fifth in the nation and one in seven jobs is directly or indirectly associated with the energy industry, according to the Oklahoma Energy Resources Board.

Unfortunately, this boom in oil and energy exacts a human toll, as an experienced personal injury lawyer in Oklahoma might note. After all, an oil field is not your ordinary 9-to-5 workplace--drilling and refining this substance is a dangerous job. A lot of things can go wrong.

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