Monday, September 5, 2016

Slip and Fall Accidents: How Lawyers Can Help

The National Floor Safety Institute reports that over a million people per year require emergency care as a result of slips and falls. Some accidents may prove to be fatal, representing between 5% to 11% of cases. In less severe scenarios, slips and falls lead to fractures, involving about 5% of cases. 

Work-Related Incidents

In workplaces, slip and fall accidents require the most attention when it comes to settling compensation for employees aged 55 and above. For employees that have sustained injuries, slips and falls often lead them to missing out on workdays, as well as accumulating medical expenses.

It is for these reason that people seek the assistance of Oklahoma slip and fall lawyers to help get them the compensation they need.

Slips and Falls in Business Places

Even customers who frequent business establishments can become victims to slip and fall accidents. This may either be due to negligence of the maintenance personnel who clean the floors, or possibly due to the absence of warning signs for people to watch their steps.

During such scenarios, the slip and fall lawyer can help gather evidence at the scene, communicate with the building management, and work to come to an agreement on how to settle your case.

Whether slip and fall incidents are serious or not, you should be aware that you are entitled to filing a claim. Consult with your attorney as soon as possible, so you can relieve yourself from stress and worry.

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