Friday, October 7, 2016

Understanding Slip and Fall Injuries in Workplace

It might be trivial for some, but lawsuits the involve slip and fall injuries are some of the most common types of legal cases handled by every personal injury lawyer in Oklahoma. As it is, there are far too many unreported slip and fall cases in workplaces. The numbers are causing worries for the local government.

Two elements of a slip-and-fall case
Fortunately, not every slip-and-fall case needs to go to court. There are two elements that need to be met first before the victim can even think about suing a person or an organization managing the place where the victim slipped.
The first element is establishing whether the owner/manager/one responsible for the place have done everything possible to warn the plaintiff of potential dangers. Furthermore, it must be established that the one who controls the location where the accident happened knows about the potential dangers but neglected to correct them.
The second element establishes whether the injured party was careless (or more so than the defendant). This means collecting evidence to prove such claims. For example, if you managed to slip and fall while walking on a wet floor despite a clear sign that warns a passersby to walk carefully, then your case might be deemed weak.
Also, Oklahoma laws state that if you managed to get injured while trespassing, your case might end up getting dismissed. Of course, special circumstances apply if the trespasser is still a child. The environment must not be appealing to a child.

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