Monday, October 3, 2016

When to Hire an Attorney for Personal Injury Cases

It is always tricky to file a personal injury case in Oklahoma City. While it might be easy to find a reputable lawyer to represent you, you still need to at least know the basics of the law before trying to pursue a legal case against the other party.
There are a two major scenarios that, should one of them occur, you should immediately ask a lawyer for legal advice on what steps to do next.
 Automobile Accident
The first thing you need to understand is that Oklahoma is a fault state, which means it is entirely possible that the courts cam find you liable to share fault or blame for causing the accident given if presented with enough evidence. Thus, it is the job of your hired attorney to establish that the accident was not in any way your fault.
The important thing is to properly collect information and document the accident for your lawyer’s reference. Exchange information details with the other party, photograph the scene of the accident, and take special note on the make, model, color, and plate number of the other vehicle. If you can, also get the contact information of those who witnessed the accident. All of this is valuable information that your lawyer can use to help your case. 
Premises liability
You can also consult your personal injury lawyer if ever you got injured inside somebody else’s home or place of business. Whether it is a slip-and-fall, assault, or dog bite, the person or organization responsible for managing aforementioned premises might be held liable for such injuries.
The one responsible for the premises should give appropriate warnings and post signs to warn guests or visitors about the potential dangers within the premises (i.e. warning sign for electrified fence, presence of a dog, etc.). However, owners/managers of the area might not necessarily be held responsible for any injuries sustained by an adult trespasser.

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