Friday, April 7, 2017

Injured By Hoverboards? You Might Want to Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

They’re new. They’re cool. They’re high-tech. When they launched back in 2015, every teenager and his buddies had a hoverboard on their wish list. And it’s not hard to see why—after all, who can deny how cool it is to seemingly hover over the air while going from one place to another.

But these popular gifts do have a dark side. From injuries to faulty product design, hoverboards have contributed to the spike in personal injury lawsuits.

The Problem with Hoverboards

Perhaps the term “hoverboards” should have ticked off consumers about the potential problems it may cause. After all, they don’t technically hover. Rather, they require a user to shift his or her weight on the device while it speeds along. Hence, it’s no wonder why there have been an increase of injuries related to hoverboards over the past few years. If you so much as shift your weight the wrong way and you may very well tip over and sustain injuries. In many cases, manufacturers also don’t adequately warn users of the potential accidents that might occur while using their product. Read more from this blog:

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