Saturday, April 8, 2017

Why You Should Hire an Oklahoma Car Accident Lawyer to Make a Valid Claim for Compensation

According to the Oklahoma government, approximately 53,000 car accidents were recorded in cities in 2015. These accidents vary from drunk-driving to mechanical failures to distracted driving. Regardless of the cause, what’s relevant is that there are lots of people who are going to need to file for proper compensation.

One hopes never to be a part of this statistic, but as accidents occur when you least expect it, it’s best to be informed on what to do just in case it does.

Prescription Period

It’s very important to file for compensation as soon as possible because time is literally ticking. In Oklahoma, the prescription period for car accidents or personal injury claim is two years. Any time beyond this, and you can expect your case to be disallowed.

Also keep in mind that this deadline only applies to legal actions. It has no bearing whatsoever on your insurance claim because that is technically a different matter altogether. This makes it a wise move to obtain the services of an Oklahoma car accident lawyer as soon as possible. Read more from this blog:

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