Friday, June 30, 2017

A Personal Injury Lawyer in Oklahoma Discusses the State’s Law on Defective Product Liability

Picture this: you’ve happily spent half of your life savings on a brand-new car. You excitedly take it for a spin, only to find too late that the brakes are not working properly, leading you to a motor vehicle accident. After the regret of buying that lemon of a car, the next thing that enters your mind would be this question: who should be held responsible, the seller or the manufacturer?

For individuals in Oklahoma, hiring a seasoned personal injury lawyer can help clarify things and help you strategize your next move. State laws grant you the privilege to get properly compensated for all the injuries and damages you have sustained by unknowingly using a defective product.

Oklahoma’s Defective Products Liability Statute

Like in other states, Oklahoma has its own state laws that helps consumers in dealing with a defective product. The word ‘product’ is not limited to motor vehicles, though: it also applies to any product that had caused physical injury or damage to property due to a defect. That defect might be a manufacturer’s fault or might have been caused by a seller’s negligence. Read more from this blog:

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