Friday, June 9, 2017

In the Case of Wrongful Death, A Wrongful Death Lawyer Will Work to Establish Proof

A loved one’s death is always devastating and tragic. The circumstances surrounding their death, however, often causes grave emotional suffering for the family and, in some cases, trauma.

In the case of wrongful death, the victim dies as a result of another person’s misconduct or negligence. Today, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention says that unintentional injuries rank as the fourth most common cause of the death in the US. Generally, wrongful deaths may be the result of a motor vehicle accident, a manufacturing defect, or property neglect. Depending on the circumstances, the victim’s wrongful death may warrant a criminal prosecution. A wrongful death lawsuit, however, remains a civil action that continues to be separate from any possible criminal charges.

In the event that the family of the victim decides to make a legal case for wrongful death, the burden of proof now falls on them and their wrongful death lawyer. It is a process where in the legal representative must establish several proofs in order to win the case or secure a settlement. Here is a brief overview of how it works: Read more from this blog:

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